Thursday, 9 July 2009

Four Counties

Sorry I haven't done a proper blog in ages, I just can't find the motivation if I am honest.

We did the four counties ring with a diversion up to Tattenhall to see the new marina just opened by the guys who built Great Haywood Marina. The ring was a great trip, that both Mrs EB and I enjoyed so much.

We had a couple of little problems on the way..1 being the fan belt on the domestic alternator snapped ...RCR to the rescue eventually. Then there was the tree that fell across the canal at Sandbach...that lead to a wonderful BBQ evening.

We saw some of the most amazing scenery and wildlife from Deer to Kingfishers.... we really enjoyed the evening cruising, the walking around some af the market towns and the wonderful food. Sea Spiced Duck from Market Drayton is just amazing and well worth the trip just for that little find.

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