Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fox and Anchor Family Day Out

At the moment our "Local" is the Fax and Anchor near Coven (pron Covern) It is a 40 min chug away at tick over. The pub does really nice food, a little pricey, but the setting and beer make up for it.

Yesterday I took my Mum, Sister in Law and her two beautiful children for a day trip, it has been an age since I had seen them.... my Niece Pippa 13 had a few goes at steering and really caught on until a boat came around the corner with a stag do on it full of pirates. The boat was adorned with a blow up doll in a nurses uniform as a Figure head on the front bows and each Pirate had a weapon. We were fired at by water pistols....It was very funny...they very nearly crashed though after out attack.

After lunch I put up the Hammock....Sorry Michelle...this went down so well that apart from Pirates I don't think anything else was part of Sam's convocation and both kids want one of these hammocks. Problem is one was from Brazil...and I have never seen one like it else where. Ooopsie. I have emailed a friend who is heading back this summer...

As we were heading back someone shouted you are the Blogger aren't you? guiltily I said thank you for reminding me to Blogg again.

A general update... We have been boating quite a few weekends, but this usually means just taking out around the corner and cooking a meal having a bottle or two of red, then mooring up again. We have taken a few longer trips all the way to Kinver a 2 day trip that we took 5 days over and had a brilliant time. The Bratch Locks are the most amazing site ever I have never seen engineering like it.

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