Saturday, 28 August 2010

We're moving again

We have been at Hatherton Marina since the New Year, and to be honest whilst a little basic it has been fine. The two biggest problems we faced were:- the upper basin wasn't designed for 57ft boats to be moored and there is no electricity.

So over the bank holiday weekend we will move to Otherton a few miles up the cut, I visited a few weeks ago and had a good walk around and a chat to a few people. I always like to chat to see how things are. Both of us love this stretch of the canal and we really enjoy just being on own and enjoying a quiet that we wont have to turn off the batteries every time we leave the boat and knowing they will be on constant charge will make me much happier.


  1. Was your boat moored in Otherton Marina today, Next to the main line but in the basin, I didn't think there could be 2 of you

  2. It was!!!! we have just moved to there. Jolly nice marina it is too


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