Wednesday, 30 July 2008

a little update

A little update:-

Sorry I haven't blogged, there is no excuse really.

So after our little week trip up the Caldon, we returned home for a few days then we did an overnight trip up to Handsacher as Mrs EB hadn't been along that part of the Trent Mersey as I had done that part with a friend Martin when I brought TRB to Great Haywood.

This was a really nice little trip that we both enjoyed. We have been up to the boat a few times and had a little trip out with Amy. Mrs EB also popped over on her own one evening and had a wonderful peaceful evening on her own.

I have popped up a couple of times to just check that all is ship shape and Bristol Fashion and it is, I have also taken my Hammock that Mrs bought for me from Brazil. I have asked John and Jon to put the fixing hooks up for me. I have also spent some time doing their website and putting them and the Marina on to Google maps.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Days 5 & 6

Day 5 we started to head back to Great Haywood, though did do a U Turn up the Leek Branch of Caldon Canal. That was so beautiful and so pretty.
After that little trip we just kept going..... It was very interesting to notice once 6 pm came most boats were moored up for the night. It is mid summer and the nights are very long, we got to Hanley Park at about 7 pm and watched a few drug deals!! and something else...not very nice but I am guessing that is life there. I really think that the Police should be there.
Anyhoo we went through Stoke and out the other side and by 10 we were both shattered and moored up in a park.

Day 6 we awoke about 8:30 and about 10 am we set off again and just took it nice and steady at about 1200 rpm and by 7 pmish we were at Great Haywood, coming down the Trent & Mersey at about 6pm the sun was amazing it was Golden Hour and the countryside was ablaze with gold’s and other rich colours, both Mrs EB and I were just so enthralled by the light and colours.

Highs of the trip.

Spending some great us time with Mrs EB
Seeing all the wildlife and countryside
Going to The Railway at Froghall
Meeting all the nice Narrowboaters


The Black Sheep Pub
The ignorant Narrowboaters (only met 2)
The Rain