Monday, 18 May 2009

a small needed update

I am sorry I haven't blogged in ages.

There are a couple of reasons...1. Mrs EB and I went out for a short trip and passed two boats and were told to slow down when we were in tick over!!!! and that really cheesed me off.
2. I forgot.

Well I did a mens day out on TRB there 8 guys and myself we met about 9am at Great Haywood had a mug of tea and then headed up to Weston had a nice lunch then up to Sandon Lock turned around and headed back. It was a day of relaxing and chatting and just having some fun. I believe the guys enjoyed it, even though person said TRB was like a caravan.... ho hum.

Yesterday my friend Martin who gave Mrs EB and I the boating bug came over to TRB and showed me how to service the engine... another few quid saved and it was well worth the mess.