Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A tiny update

It's coming up to the last Bank Holiday of the year!! Crikey that has come around very quickly. We are planning on spending it on TRB, maybe even a nice short round trip. Not sure where too, but that doesn't matter we will have food and plenty of wine on board so a field and some peace and quiet.

It's IWA festival this weekend as well but I really don't fancy a trip to Nottingham just some peace and quiet and good company and good food and plenty to drink.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Towards the end of our 4 counties ring trip we stopped off at Stone, we had an excellent mooring on one of the 12 hour mooring just above the bottom lock of the town. We moored up, and Mrs Eb went off to Morrisons for provision's. I looked up at the sky and what was blue had turned purple. (We had had amazing weather on our trip, and the bad weather had always been behind us hahaha), I really didn't like the look of it so I put up the tonneau and started to put up the pram hood with some urgency and noticed a middle aged couple watching me with great interest. I carried on, then I started to clean out the gully under my grab rails, I was walking up the gunwales and they were looking and obviously talking about what I was doing. I was looking at the skies and hoping I would get it all done before the heavens opened up. I double checked the mooring lines and just got under the pram hood and "BANG" went the thunder and woosh went the rain, it was the big heavy rain and rivers of it were coming down, I looked up and saw two middle aged people running for thier car soaked to the skin.

Moral of the storey if you see someone on a narrow boat battening down the hatches head for cover!!!! Don't stand and watch like a numpty they are doing it for a reason.