Monday, 21 September 2009

A weekend to Fradley

What an amazing weekend!!! Mrs EB had booked a couple of days off and after packing and getting ready then doing a food shop we got to the Marina around mid afternoon. Mrs EB unpacked I made TRB ready and we set off towards Rugely. It was then we remembered we had forgotten something foody so about 5pmish we stopped in Rugely and Mrs EB did a quick walk to Morrisons. I actually liked where we were and we decided to stay there for the night.

Later that evening The President and Kildare passed us...what a shear joy that was... we set off again the next morning, the was breaking through some light cloud and we just plodding along. Just after the Armitage Shanks factory an idiot who had clearly seen me decided to pull out making me throw TRB into reverse to stop me hitting him!!! he hadn't banked on there being a big queue at the locks into Fradley he wouldn't even look at me or acknowledge me!!

We got to Fradley about lunchtime and moored up just opposite the Waterways offices and stayed there until Sunday morning. what a great spot, we watched the world go by at various speeds!!! LOL moorings were busy and it was nice to enjoy a beer at The Swan and sit outside and just relax. Saturday I had to pop back to Sutton and some picked me up whilst Mrs EB did some cooking. We had invited a few friends to TRB for a little get together which was good fun. Though the batteries died at 9pm so I had to start the engine for while..sorry if you were near us!!!

Sunday morning I reversed into the lock (it wasn't pretty but I did it!!!) and we turned at the junction and headed back to Great Haywood...and just in time it would seem as there were 5 boats behind us waiting to go up the locks as entered. The trip back was just wonderful the sun shone the birds sang and we just plodded along... one of the best weekends of the year.