Thursday, 31 January 2008

Hello and welcome aboard

Hi and thank you for visiting The Robber Button Blog, The Robber Button (TRB) is a 57 foot semi-trad narrow boat, she is moored at Great Haywood Marina Staffordshire.

Mr and Mrs English Blogger (EB) try and spend most weekends on her and love the peace and tranquillity of the canals and the friendliness of the canal boat community.

We bought TRB at the end of August after a few months of negotiations and a marine survey completed by Trevor Whitling from the lovely people at Braunston Marina as a new boat made by Keith Woods and fitted out James Baron-Clarke. Mrs EB and I had a 1 day course run by James from Braunston on our run up from Braunston to Great Haywood. We are both new to narrow boating and I think we have taken to it like ducks to to speak.

Anyhoo this blog will about our times and trips onboard TRB and the friends who join us.

If you do pop onboard, please sign the visitors book

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