Sunday, 10 February 2008

A short and eventful trip

We spent Friday night on board and had a wonderfully comfortable night, the central is now working!!!! Huzzah. Amy joined just after 9am Saturday and we set off for a little trip, well that was the idea, unfortunately we had an overheating problem so just after Hoo Mill Lock we had turn around and head back to the marina....grrrrrrr
It took a few hours to travel about 3 miles as we had to keep stopping and I had to keep topping up the water in the engine reservoir. Anyhooo the guys at the marina will have a good look in the week so hopefully the boat will all be fit and well for next weekend.

Apart from that it was a wonderful day and all 3 of us a had a nice time I cooked steak, sausage and chips for lunch which was scoffed down rather quickly by all of us...though we didn't get a siesta as I had hoped for as it was stop start all the way back. I think Amy saw some amazing things in the canal even a crocodile!!!!

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