Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bank Holiday Monday

Mrs EB and I went to TRB after Sunday Evenings service, we had a nice evening of just relaxing. Monday morning we had a nice planned trip, Cathy, Gaye, Andy and Zach arrived and off we set.

Mrs EB and I planned a short day trip heading north to Sandon Lock it's about a 3 hour trip with 3 locks and some beautiful countryside.

Entering Sandon Lock
Andy trying to do the splits via a Lock wall and The Robber Button

The Day Crew minus the Galley Slave

The trip had a short break at Weston where Andy and I went for a swifty at the Woolpack (Mmmm sweet sweet beer). Then Mrs EB had the brightest idea ever, she decided to light the disposable BBQ in the galley, this was quickly put on the roof of the boat, and even quicker some logs were put under it until I could find a mooring!!!! To make it worse, Mrs EB left the cardboard wrapper on. (a quite scary few minutes)

I have to say we had an amazing day and Mrs EB cooked us a wonderful lunch and of course we had a small glass of wine or a little bottle of beer

This was a fantastic day out with some great friends.

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