Wednesday, 7 May 2008

An Update

Very sorry we havn't blogged lately. Here is a little bit of what we have been upto on The Robber Buuton.

We took Stephen and Vivian out for a trip up tp Weston, and passed Granny Buttons!!! though Andrew wasn't in..he had left the power on and had flat battery's for his return. The trip wasn't without a problem...our inverter went into safe mode? it also blew the main 30 amp fuse!!!! meaning no microwave or radio.....John and John at Great Haywood Marine services soon fixed this problem in the wek for us.

John and John at Great Haywood Marine services are the nicest and most friendly of guys and always do a top job if you are reading this and need some work doing.

Anyhoo last weekend we couldn't go out as I ripped a muscle in my chest, we did manage to get back up to Weston on Monday with Martin, Georgie and Adam and we had an excellent day, even if it was a tad wet to start off with.

We are off to Froghall in a few weeks.....we are both really looking forward to this trip.

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