Monday, 23 June 2008

Our First full Holiday on The Robber Button

Day one

Well today is the start of our holiday, we are heading to the Caldon Canal to Froghall. We had hoped to get away early, but a serious fault with the toilet put a stop to that. I tried to fix it on Sundaywhen Mrs EB found the fault and couldn’t so a frantic to Jon from Great Haywood Marine Services Sunday afternoon to see if he could squeeze me in Monday morning was made. Jon had a look first thing Monday and we tried several things but it had him stumped. So John was called for, and after a 30 minutes he found the problem, and a good hour or so later and after I had done a journey into Rugely to get a few bits and pieces it was repaired.

Just after 3pm we set off!!!! And we had a nice journey up to Stone and found a mooring. Stone is a really pretty stop off point, we got here just after 8pm and had a wonderful Italian meal at a Canalside eatery. I am sure Mrs EB will be adding to this and she will remember the name… Anyhooo I am pooped out and as its just after 10:30 I will hit the hay.

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  1. The Caldon canal is lovely! Have a great time :)


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