Monday, 15 June 2009

another quicky

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while...this and that has gotten in the way.

I have been on few trips. One was so special it will be hard to blog about. Last year I went Mozambique to see some amazing things that a couple and their kids had done over 12 years (see my mozambique mission blog). Anyhoo they are in the UK at the moment(another very long story) and their boss man had flown over to the UK for some moral support and we all went out for the day. It was so special it will be far to hard describe at the moment, I will blog about it in a few weeks.

We have also done a few short trips up down the T & M and I have been getting TRB ready for a two week cruise of the 4 counties ring... Which I am sure I will be blogging about and doing some photo updates via my mobile phone...

Anyhoo this is just to say I am alive and well

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