Friday, 13 February 2009

Unusual Day

Today has been slightly unusual, my car, a little Corsa has been in need of a service and went in yesterday, Will, the man who does, phoned me and said, "When did the rattle start?" I said after I lent it to my Brother in Law in November whilst I was in Mozambique, why? he said that the suspension springs had broken and that was the rattle...then he said "I'm glad you don't drive fast.." gulp I thought...anyhoo whilst I was waiting for my little car to be fixed I did a little video dubbing for Mortimer Bones. from MB Bones, She has this wonderful piece of video of ducks feeding on the frozen canal so I added a little bit of music to it.

This evening before heading to TRB we are at Church where Mrs EB has been asked to sing for a celebration for some friends who have a Christian Charity and it's their 2nd birthday, so after Mrs EB has sung for our supper (litteraly) we will go to the marina and hope for a nice day tomorrow so we can take TRB out to blow the cobwebs away.

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