Sunday, 15 March 2009

Windy morning

I had a meeting with a friend on Friday afternoon so I didn't get to TRB until around 6pm and the marina was all quiet and deserted. I got on board and turned the heating on and lit a coal fire Mrs EB would be about an hour behind me as she was working late. I set about cleaning and making TRB all nice for her arrival, which was at about 6:50 I was listening to The Now Show on R4. Once that was over we had a drive up to Stone and found a wonderful Idian and had a great curry. The portions were huge and the herns and spices tasted fantasic.

Back on board I decided to sleep in the hammock, which was great and so comfortable, during the nigh the wind really got up... I was rocked to sleep. The nest morning I went to see when TRB would be pulled out and I was given a date of a week on Monday, so that will be a busy week of painting. The wind was really blowing across the marina so we decided not to go out but stay at the marina, John and Jon asked for a hand when they were putting a boat back in the water and taking a boat out and the wind wasn't playing so I was on a guide rope.... all great fun. I cooked the guys a bacon and egg sandwich which seemed to hit the spot.

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