Tuesday, 24 March 2009

We have a Shiny Black Bottom!!!! (Blacking day 2)

So I arrived at Great Haywood in glorious sunshine. I was given an old paint brush and an old roller and a paint tray and off I went. Painting first with the brush the water line, I painted a good thick layer of bitumen paint 57 feet one side and 57 feet the other. Then I started on the roller and about 4 hours later she had a covering of blacking all over the hull and the swim.

I took a break at about 1pm and popped into Great Haywood and bought a lot of bacon for sandwiches and made us all bacon sarnies...Mmmmmm I love bacon sarnies. Then after lunch I used the roller again and painted the water line once again. That was that for the day, nature will take it's course and the paint will dry and tomorrow I can give TRB her final coat of Blacking.

TRB looks great with her Shiny Black Bottom.


  1. Mr EB You must have saved yourself a bob or two doing it all yourself, and gained a whole heap of personal satisfaction.

  2. I haven't had the bill yet, but I will have saved a fortune. Great Haywood Marina offers moorer's a free lift out if they have moored for more that 12 months, I help the engineers with moving boats on windy day, so I got the use of the jet washer another saving. So all I will be paying for is the paint. I believe a 57 foot boat will be in the region of £600 to have a firm do it for you.


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