Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Thanks Bones.

I was reading Bones's blog and she mentions that her Boat Safety Scheme Certificate is due and this has caused a very slight ripple of urgency in her. This has made me check my paper work on TRB today when I popped up there to set the heating and pick up my IPod.

I have found 2 certificates of complience in my "The Robber Button" logbook folder. The frst one is from 2005 when the hull was completed by Keith Woods and then I have one for 2007 from James Barron-Clarke on the completeion of the Build and remedial work when we took over TRB as a new boat.

So I either need a BSS certificate this year or in 2011? I will ask Derek the Gas installer who fixed my gas leak earlier this year. I'd like to thank Bones as I could be in trouble if I hadn't checked all of that paper work.

1 comment:

  1. Its got to be 2011 Mr EB. You cant get a BSC on a bare hull.


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