Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Easter weekend was taken with commitments to our Church and on Bank Holiday Monday with a wedding... We did manage an over night stay on Good Friday evening which was just wonderful. When we woke on Saturday morning the weather couldn't have been any better but we didn't really have the time to go out, we did pop out in the car for an hour.
I am so looking forward to an extended stay on board but time and other commitments seem to be against us that moment, so I am living vicariously via everyone's blog's keep them up with your travels!!!


  1. Hi English Blogger, thankyou for letting me know about the yellow ducklings surviving in your area that's good to know. As for Canada Geese, we don't get any here, only flocks and flocks of them flying over at the end of the Summer. I always wondered where they were off to, now I know, they are on their way to annoy you!!!

  2. Yeah they stay around here 24/7/365 horrid vermin


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