Saturday, 25 April 2009

Finally we Meet Mr Granny Buttons Andrew Denny.

This weekend we haven't been up to The Robber Button. Last night was a massive charity night that my parents had organised for MacMillan Cancer Support. It started with a series of karaoke talent nights in various pubs and clubs around North Birmingham. Then last night it was a Gala night with the winner winning £500. A band came down from Manchester and did a great spot a guy bought his karaoke gear down for the singers. All in all it was a great night, even though I hate karaoke with a passion. A lot of money was raised which is what it was all about.

So today we decided to go into Birmingham City Centre and have a walk around the canal, I remembered that Andrew Denny from Granny Buttons was in the area and checked Google Latitude and he was about. I text him and we arranged to meet up for a pint and a chat. What a nice hour that was, great to meet up.

I am hoping that we can get to TRB next weekend and maybe even take her out for a little trip?

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  1. Good idea Mr EB. Must meed him myself one day! See you tomorrow.


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